Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eliot Spitzer, the evil of our time

This was previously posted on on or before 2005-04-24:

To what or whom would you compare someone who has added trillions of dollars of cost to the U.S. economy and destroyed entire professions? Darth Vader? A Tsunami? The plague? Cancer? Kim Jong Mentally Ill? NY State Governor front-runner Eliot Spitzer does not possess favorable historical analogies. Through Sarbanes-Oxley (there are two co-conspirators right there) and the insane regulations cooked up in the made-up-"Analystgate" charges in 2002, Spitzer is primarily responsible for having knocked, according to some estimates, trillions of dollars off the net worth in numerous companies, and destroyed numerous lives. For this, Spitzer probably deserves the harshest of verdicts in the history of mankind.