Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad weather, common sense and personal responsibility

This was previously posted on on or before 2005-09-04:

Is there any personal responsibility left in this world? Or is anything bad that’s happening always someone else’s fault, including the government’s? The Mississippi/Louisiana hurricane Katrina was an act of nature, predictable over time and warned with specificity days before it hit. As a result, there are two lessons here: First, if you live or build in a hurricane-prone area, especially below sea level, you can’t blame your fellow taxpayer if your house blows away or gets flooded. Second, if you have taken the risk to live below sea level in a hurricane-prone area, and every level of government tells you to get out immediately in order to save your life, and then you don’t follow orders, you also can’t blame your fellow taxpayer if you die or face hardship.

People assume different risks by doing different things. Some people smoke, some people do bungee-jumping, others ride motorcycles, some people live on a fault line in California, and yet others stay below sea level when there is a hurricane approaching. Darwinism is a process of weeding out survivors. Part of such survival is intelligence, and in turn intelligence partially consists of judging risk/reward ratios. So Darwinism weeds out weaklings, physically and mentally. Darwinism furthers the evolution of the human race, so with the government subsidizing stupidity, the quality of the human race could decline.

So here is some simple intelligence: If you don’t want to be flooded in a hurricane, you can choose to live in Denver, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City or somewhere like that. However, if you ignore this basic intelligence, and choose to live on the Mississippi or Louisiana shores, perhaps under sea level, don’t complain if one day you get screwed by bad weather.

To summarize: We watch TV and see the pictures of people in and near New Orleans. The evident question must be: What were all of those people doing there? First, why did they live in that nasty place to begin with? Second, why were they there when they had been told they should evacuate and that they may die if they remain? Well, why do people continue to smoke…